Audition Prep Approach and Syllabus
A course specifically developed for students preparing for college music department auditions. (Instrumental or Vocal students are both appropriate) Fall Semester Class dates are October 13, October 27, November 10, and December 1. ~7pm - 9pm. Class is subject to enrollment minimums for locations but currently is slated for the Prillaman Studio.
  • Where is the bar?
  • What exactly do I need to do to prepare?
  • What should I be worried about?

Session 1: Setting the Bar
  • Opening comments/Introduction from Mr Prillaman
  • What is an audition and why is it important for you.
  • Why all of these pieces and styles required.
  • Audition committees are looking for a spark along with excellence.
  • Baseline performances and comments for each class participant. commentary will include responses from Mr. Prillaman as well as class members.

Session 2: Raising the bar.
  • Successful strategies for preparation.
  • Passion and Discipline are key to your practice as well as your performances.
  • Diversity in your preparation, equals choices.
  • Creativity not mimicry.
  • Performance # 2 by all participants with commentary and feedback.

Session 3: Practice makes perfect.
  • Reviewing your plan for your audition.
  • Handling curveballs and less than perfect conditions.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses review.
  • Review: What they are looking for and how you plan to give it to them.
  • Performance #3 by all participants with commentary and feedback.

Session 4: The Big TEST, SHOW ME, NOW.
  • Each participant will receive a full sample audition experience.
  • Written reviews and commentary will be provided by Mr Prillaman as well as guest faculty judges.
  • Class commentary and feedback will be provided for all participants.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses review.
  • Your Personal Plan for success review.