PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.. and that includes PERFORMING! students have to practice it to improve..
Private instruction must be supported by peer forums for practice and performance outside of the “traditional recital”.

NEW FOR 2011! --- PPPForums provide a cross functional, faculty facilitated, peer sharing and learning class where the fundamentals of performance are reinforced and practiced with friendly, and inclusive, but REAL feedback from peers. The performers learn to play and sing better and the “audience” learns to listen and teach… with compassion.. without compromising expectations. The special benefit is that the students self motivate for practice because they look forward to playing for their friends and peers every 5 weeks.

These forums are open to ALL music students of ALL private teachers in the region.
  • Cost: $10
  • Class: approx 2 hours, students will be grouped according to basic assessment levels.
  • Recommended 1 class every 5 weeks. -- see Calendar for scheduling options.
  • Registration is required in advance, payment will be collected at beginning of class. Parents are welcome to attend and even participate in the feedback learning from the audience perspective… ;-)

We work as our own teaching community much like the faculty of larger colleges and universities and focus our education around creating interdisciplinary learning environments where students of all levels support and learn from each other.

CONTACT US for more info or to register!