Animato (grades 3-5):  This educational choir experience is just as it sounds, animated and lively!  Parents seeking an opportunity to help their older elementary age students grow as musicians will find this group to be the perfect place for them.  Students will be both challenged and rewarded as instructors provide them with the vocal training, musical skills, mentoring, and performance opportunities required to become elite musicians.


Animato is our flagship choral ensemble for younger students.

A beginning (Primo) children’s choral experience for students in grades three through five.

Animato members love, learn, and live their music each session! They share their passion for music with each other in rehearsal each week through singing, voice building, musical games, musical learning, confidence building, and performance.

Active learning is required of each and every student, expecting all to be engaged in the rehearsal process. Students learn how to sing healthily, interpret a musical roadmap, comprehend and apply musical markings (phrasing, articulation, dynamics). They uncover meaning in the text, explore musical history, and gain familiarization with composers and culture. These students also receive direct mentoring from our Cantare singers (gr. 6, 7, 8 choral offering).

In addition to all of the musical “stuff”, we teach kids that they are valued and valuable. They have something to share with the world around them. Life skills, such as dedication, perseverance, determination, and accountability, abound in each Da Capo rehearsal and performance.

Application of their musical growth comes in performance at the end of each session. Animato presents their music, along with the rest of the Da Capo Community, to the community at large. They sing for assisted living and veteran’s hospital residents, family, and friends. They are also encouraged to share their music with their extended families, neighbors, school teachers, churches, and scout troops.

Specific class offerings and times may vary at each location according to enrollment and demand.


Students learn to PERFORM...on stage, in school, and...
As a Da Capo student, your child will...
  • display self-confidence and be self-motivated.
  • relate to others effectively as interpersonal skills are enhanced.
  • demonstrate creativity and critical thinking skills in school work and daily life.
  • appreciate the value of practice/discipline as part of a successful work ethic.
  • embrace a personal journey towards excellence.