What does Da Capo mean? "Da Capo" is a musical term which literally means to go back to the beginning and start over.

Music and musicians are at the core, but the community is the key!

How are we different from other music schools and community choirs?

Short Term Objectives:
Our students are given short term goals and then provided nurturing "studio" class experiences every 4-5 weeks to share what they have learned. All education is targeted into our 10 week instructional sessions and culminated with opportunities to apply their learnings.

Studio Classes:
These group instruction sessions are facilitated by our elite faculty members and run as a hybrid between traditional master classes and group discussions. We all learn from one another and every moment is teachable.

Choirs as Classroom = Musical Communities:
Leveraging the Westminster Choir College traditions, we use our "choral and orchestral/instrumental rehearsals" as a next generation "music class". We do sing and play, but we also study, have homework, learn through group vocal technique, and most importantly... We actively support one another. The community is made up of masters to beginners and each member contributes and receives value.

Integrated Musician Building:
Our goal is to help you develop skills that extend far beyond just notes and rhythms. We utilize a broad category and each faculty member will guide you through a customized growth and development plan.

Individualized Assessment: Musicians come in all shapes, sizes and ability levels. Our assessment model creates a common framework for discussion and development between teachers and students. Our mission is to help you get to the next level. First we help you to understand where you are, then we guide you along the path for growth. You work in a community to build your skills and those around you. Mentorship and sharing are embedded as part of the process.
How do we achieve our mission of Passion, Discipline, and Application?

LOVE IT! --- Right from the start, we allow our students to fully engage in music, freely sharing who they are. This may mean singing or playing one particular piece that is near and dear to the group/individual. It may mean sharing a story about how music has impacted your life. We make the time to live music together.

LEARN IT! ---This passionate energy carries over into the discipline that is required to learn about music. We focus on melody, harmony, rhythm, form, timbre, composers, styles, history, instrumental/vocal technique, sight-reading, composition, and performance techniques. We strive to develop a musically literate community.

LIVE IT! --- Finally we take all that we have learned and all that we have experienced and use it to impact the world around us, seeking to improve the lives of people around us. Tangibly, we perform public concerts, we sing for shut-ins, we sing for our friends and family, we play our instruments for those in need. We use our music to make a difference in someone’s day.