We are privileged to partner with public schools, local churches and wonderful community music advocates. Please support the following organizations and thank them for their support of Da Capo Va.

Piedmont Arts Association - Martinsville, VA

First Presbyterian Church of Martinsville

River Road Presbyterian Church Richmond, VA

Bon Air Presbyterian Church
Richmond, VA

As a community NON PROFIT, we are constantly in need of volunteers, advocates, advisors , and CHAMPIONS! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here are some great ways you and your donation help us to make a difference.

  1. Full or partial scholarships for students in your area. (There are many families and musicians who can’t afford the tuition costs.
  2. Group instruction offerings at your church or school. We can and will come to you if the conditions are right.
  3. Location, Location, Location... We want to be in your local community, but we need schools and churches willing to partner and host our classes and teachers. Help us find innovative places to offer instruction and build musicians.
  4. Volunteer to assist in one of our classes or at an event. We do everything from concerts, to classes, to Midlothian days community fairs, to convention style booth manning at fairs. Your time is a precious asset and we certainly understand and will use it well.
  5. Tell a... public school music teacher, a music minister/director, principal or teacher about what we do and ask them how Da Capo might help and contribute to their needs. Then tell us about it, and we’ll try to assemble resources to help.
  6. Tell your PTA that we offer after school, enrichment programs wherever we can target and staff them appropriately. We want to help in your school or church but we need to know where the avenues are first.
  7. Spread the word about Da Capo events and come out to support them with your presence.
  8. Host an event. (concert, lecture, etc)