Our faculty is comprised of an elite group of handpicked, professionally trained, community minded musicians. We seek an opportunity to directly impact our communities with music through teaching and performing alike. We are solo performers, choristers, educators, conductors, clinicians, therapists, writers, ministers, and arts advocates. We reside and are active members in the communities that we serve. Teaching, networking and performing together provide opportunity for personal artistic development as well as a chance to share our passion for music.

Our students are made up of musicians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Music is the language which we use to interact with and build our community.

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Da Capo students will...

  • have more self-confidence and be self-motivated.
  • be able to relate to others better as interpersonal skills develop.
  • demonstrate creativity and critical thinking skills in their school work and daily life.
  • appreciate the value of regular practice/discipline as part of a successful work ethic.
  • seek to improve themselves and “hit the ever moving target/high bar” in our modern society.
  • be inspired and embrace a personal journey towards excellence.